You'll love these before and after transformations!


Recently at Contour Cosmetics we have been working with women of all ages to show you just how amazing contour makeup can be. Not only can contouring create a flawless complection but can also make you appear younger. Now who doesn't want that?!

Here are our favorite before and after transformations by using  Contour Cosmetics makeup...

To achieve these stunning looks with your contour kit:

Use the lighter 3 shades from our cream contour kit to highlight. Using a makeup brush apply this product under the eyes, the center of the forehead and chin, and finally a line down the center of your nose.

To contour, apply the 3 darker shades along the hairline, under each cheekbone and accross each side of your jaw. To blend this contour makeup our Pro Blender is a necessity! To use wet the sponge until it’s completely saturated, and then squeeze out the excess to achieve a perfectly flawless look.


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  • Robyn F