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At Contour Cosmetics, we are getting ready for the festive season and want to look extra fleeky from head to toe. Even with our festive outfit carefully picked out, we all have that added stress of our makeup and contouring hours before a party. We have a few tricks to keep your makeup last longer, so whether you are rushing out for last-minute gifts or dancing in a packed bar, you won’t have to worry about your contour not lasting the duration.

Be skin ready

Before applying your contour makeup, always have freshly clean and smooth skin for long lasting results. Make sure you have a good skincare routine and that you stay hydrated during these winter months.

Prime with THE BASE

This product will get you through the festive season without your makeup contour budging! Apply a generous amount to your face to achieve an even coverage. Our primer creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation, so it’s less likely to slide right off. So, be primed and ready before you start contouring.

Use Our Contour palette

Our contouring palettes are cream based which means that they are long lasting and leave you with a flawless finish all night long. Use our Contour Compact Palette to get dewy skin without turning your face into a sweaty mess.  

Use the right tools

You may have the right makeup for long-lasting results, but do you have the right tools? Application is just as important as the makeup you use. Use the Pro Blender by Contour Cosmetics to take your contouring application to the next level, with an immaculate coverage throughout the night.

Add eyeshadow to the lash line

To avoid looking as though you have been punched in the eyes, make sure you add some matching shadow to the lash line to prevent runny eyeliner from melting down under your eyes. Aphrodite, our newly launched makeup palette is packed with nudes, shades that are perfect for the lash line.

Blot your skin

Blotting your skin throughout the day will remove the oiliness that builds up over the course of your night, whilst keeping your makeup contour intact.

If you need a quick top up in the bathroom, our contour kit is very light and would fit into your clutch bag for the parties. Long-lasting results with our Contour kit are achievable if you follow the tips that we have for you. Make your contour makeup last throughout the party season!

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  • Charlotte Miskell