How to achieve a basic smokey eye using the Aphrodite palette!


Now, you've got your Aphrodite eyeshadow palette but while you might love the shades the thought of actually creating a look with them can be a little intimidating, especially when you're the most confident when applying makeup.

This quick tutorial will tell you how to achieve a basic smokey eye with a rosey effect.

1. Using a clean eyeshadow brush apply Petra to the inner lid and Orion to the outer. Pat in these shades to get the most pigment out of them.

2. Then using a small fluffy brush apply Kolon to the crease of your eye and blend out. Apply Ares over the top when blending your eyeshadow outwards.

3. After this step apply Plato to the higher and lower lash line using a stiff small brush.

4. Apply Xenia to the inner corners of your eyes.

5. After these steps using your Aphrodite eyeshadow palette apply eyeliner and mascara to your top and bottom lash line and the look is done!

If you gave this step by step a try using your Aphrodite eyeshadow palette be sure to hashtag your images Contourcelfie & Aphroditelooks, we would love to see them!
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  • Ben Cuthbertson