It’s contouring makeup – but not as you know it!


Contour brushes at the ready, Contour Queens – the hottest new product in Contouring is coming your way! You’ve invested in the essential, classic contouring toolkit – now you can get your hands on even more of our contouring makeup, with the newest little white palette – Contour 2! It’s been so hard to keep the lid on the hottest new product in beauty, especially as we’re so in love with the new palette! If, like the team here, you can’t get enough contour, you are going to be delighted with Contour 2!

You asked for more Contour, and we delivered - playing around with makeup all day is a tough life, but someone’s got to do it! With an expanded colour range to widen your contour palette, Contour 2 is the perfect addition to your contouring collection! It’s the latest must have accessory of every Contour Queen!

Behold Contour 2: the must-have addition to your Contour Kit.

Contour 2 is the same beautiful cream formulation that you all adore, with even more grey and taupe to throw some shadow into the mix. Each Contour Kit is designed to be easily blendable – which makes for a versatile look. For a lighter more subtle contour, blend out your contouring makeup to create a slight cheekbone. For the full on contour, create dramatic sculpting and hollowing with less blending out of the cream formulation.

United we stand: the dream team is here. The original Contour palette and Contour 2 compliment each other to seamlessly create the perfect sculpted look, no matter what your skin tone! Now with more shades than ever before, Contour 2 is going to take the beauty crowd by storm – make sure grab your set to experiment with an even more varied contour collection!

As soon as the Contour 2 is ready to ship, we’ll be Tweeting and Instagramming about it – so be primed and ready to order! We can’t wait!


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  • Charlotte Miskell