Forget diamonds – our contour brushes are a girl’s best friend!


We love our contouring makeup, and our Contour Queens! Which is why we have provided you with the best tools for the job – our amazing contour brushes! Each brush is specially designed to give you the most flawless finish imaginable – whether it’s our 01 Sculpting brush, or the 14 Blending brush. After all, once you have the best contour kit, you can’t ruin the effect with inadequate contouring brushes – what would the Kardashians say?

All of our contour brushes are cruelty free – we think that animal hair should stay on animals! Made with Taklon, the bristles are super plush and smoother than the hair you can get in other brushes. As well as being the animal-friendly option, synthetic fibres are more uniform in shape, and so give you a smoother, more polished finish on application! It’s a win-win situation!

The contour brushes are crafted to be the perfectly balanced weight in your hands, so that even the unsteadiest (or most sleep deprived) contour novice can get that sculpted, perfect contour.

The best contouring brushes in the biz are having a fabulous flash sale moment!

Designing the best brushes on the market isn’t enough for the Contour Team – if you’re having end of the month bank balance issues, this one’s for you – our beautiful contouring brushes are currently half price on the site!

Whether you haven’t yet tried our brushes, or you’re so in love that you just have to bulk up your collection – check out our offer while it lasts! Sleek, cruelty free, and perfectly formed, what are you waiting for?

Ideal for precision and definition, the flat 01 Sculpting Brush gives you the bone structure you’ve been longing for. Simply dip into your chosen colours from our Contour Kit, and apply precise and sweeping tones to your face. The next stage in the contouring game is to take the flat-topped, circular 14 Blending Brush, and to gently blend and soften your contouring. You can either blend out your contour to have a very natural, soft effect, or go for a dramatic look, and leave some extreme definition in there. Our cream blend formula makes it easy to change up your look depending on how high you want those cheekbones to be!

Whatever your chosen look, take advantage of our flash sale to get your manicured mitts on the best contour brushes out there! Tweet or Instagram us with your before and after looks – we love checking out your contour transformations!

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  • Charlotte Miskell