The Contouring Alphabet: as simple as A, B, Chic!


You might think that you already know your A to Z, but the hottest language to speak these days is Contouring, and we have some simple shortcuts to make you fluent in no time! If you feel like the science of contouring has left you a little overwhelmed, prepare to embrace the sculpted face with a few key letters!

The only alphabet you need to get the best from our contour kit is E, C, U – it won’t get you far on Countdown, but these are the secret key to Contouring like a Kardashian! CUE our foolproof Contour kit!

Our Contour Kit is the only beauty school you need!

 Beauty school dropouts never fear, the little white palette is here! First, your tools: a contour kit, the best brushes you can lay your hands on (contour, obviously!) a mirror, and some excellent lighting!

E – The first letter in the contouring alphabet is the letter E. We’re not crazy, trust us – the shape of the letter is the shape you need to shade into your face. Apply your darker contour kit shades in an ‘E’ shape. The top half of the E should curve from your temples to under your cheekbones, the bottom half of the ‘E’ is formed by contouring under your jaw line! Bear in mind that you want to build your contouring gradually – choose a shade from our contour kit that is 1 to 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone. If you need a stronger contour, you can always add more product later!

C – The next step is to highlight that bone structure! The secret to contouring is all in the highlight, because without brightness you’re just going to have a smudgy dirty-looking face. Not very Kimye, is it? You need to highlight in all the areas where the light naturally hits your face, to emphasise that beautiful bone structure! The C shape is actually more of a backwards C, slotting in around your ‘E’ contouring shading. Beginning just above your cheekbone, apply the highlighter from your contour kit along the cheekbone ridge towards the apples of your cheeks and then move  back toward your ears along your jaw line, to make your jawbone really pop!

U – To slim down your nose, and help your cheekbones to stand out even more, shade a U shape around your nose. Apply a darker contour shade to the sides of the bridge of your nose, and just under the tip, with a highlighting stripe down the middle to give you a skinny, straight, A-list nose job in seconds!

The most important thing with our Contour Kit, is to make it your own – have fun directing the light on your face to emphasise your favourite features! Experimentation is key, we love nothing more than a chilled evening in front of the mirror with a fresh mani, playing with the little white palette! Next time you’re having a pamper sesh with our Contour Kit, why not tweet or Instagram the results and tag us in it – you might teach us a thing or two!

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  • Charlotte Miskell