Glowing Reviews for our Contour Kit


We can't get enough of our sleek and versatile contouring kit, and it seems that some of the best in the business agree with us! Beauty Blogger House of Lure had the opportunity to test our precision contouring makeup, adding that she was thrilled to try our palette. In particular, the kit was praised for how soft and moisturising the cream contouring makeup is, which is unlike anything else on the market. House of Lure also hailed the long lasting nature of the make-up, as well as the easy-to-follow contouring guide.

We are delighted that House of Lure enjoyed our contouring kit so much, and appreciated the effects that can be created with our unique formulation. This is why we created our unique multi-use face contouring set – so you can easily create a flawless finish that adapts to your skin tone!

House of Lure has her finger on the pulse of the hottest makeup around, so we are thrilled that she has described us as the ‘It’ palette you need to get your hands on! Read the full review here.

If you want to test out our revolutionary contour makeup for yourself, shop our contour palette today, and leave a review for us online!

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  • Charlotte Miskell