Makeup trends we would rather forget about!

We have all been there! Even though we can try to forget, untag ourselves from friends Facebook pictures when they're feeling nostalgic, there is no getting away from the embarrassing makeup trends that we use to follow.
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Attention Contour Queens! Lip contour kit RESTOCK!

Now its time to finally put all your minds at ease. We have been receiveing a lot of questions about this recently and finally we can confirm that our Contour Lip Kits will soon be back in stock!

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The Aphrodite eyeshadow palette now on sale!

For a limited time only using the code 'Godess20' will get you 20% off our beautiful eyeshadow palette! This versitile eyeshadow palette consists of 12 super pigmented shades to achieve any look, perfect for any Goddess this summer.


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This years strangest beauty trends.... so far!

Every year there are makeup trends that are deemed as strange or over the top. Once this included things such as contouring, clowning and baking! Lucky enough these amazing beauty trends caught on and are now part of many peoples makeup routines.
However it seems that every year these trends get weirder and weirder!
Here are some of the strangest beauty trends of 2017...

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14 things everyone obsessed with makeup will relate to!

The struggle is real!





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Forget flower crowns, these are the real festival necessities!

Yes, I said necessities...

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