Get Your Essential Contouring Package

Are you new to contouring and want to avoid wasting your money on investing in the wrong products and tools?
  • Charlotte Miskell

Contouring for Halloween

So it is coming up to that time of the year again, grab your scary mask and witch hats, its Halloween. Whose make up look are you lusting for Halloween?
  • Charlotte Miskell

Contour Cosmetics Essential Tools

Now that you have the cream contour set, have you got the tools for precise application and to create a flawless finish?
  • Charlotte Miskell

THE BASE primer

Are you concerned by large pores, wrinkles, fine lines, or oily skin? We have some exciting news for you this month. Yes, we have unleashed our new product - the answer to all your worries.

  • Charlotte Miskell

Finishing Touches

Off on a big girls’ night out or just fancy spicing up your make up routine? There are different techniques when it comes to contouring to ensure that you have a captivating look that is guaranteed to get you the attention that you deserve!

  • Charlotte Miskell

How To Contour Cheekbones

Whilst Kim Kardashian has shown us the true powers of contour, bad application can have devastating consequences as we have seen with some celebrities snapped in the press. We have seen some painted tiger stripes on faces in our time and it is definitely something you need to avoid.

  • Charlotte Miskell